Women: it’s time.

You are here to do great work.

You are here to be free.

You are here to be in connection with your power and your pleasure.

And you are not here to do it alone … or without depth and humor.


My name is Liz and I work with visionary women in a way that combines somatic coaching with soulful strategy, healing and accountability. My commitment is to supporting women in living and creating from a place of embodiment, resilience, and pleasure.

Why? Because I believe that when you are fully present in your body and your womanhood, you find freedom. This freedom allows you to be fully present in your life, to be in connection with your emotions, to expand your capacity for love, pleasure and creativity, and to give more energy to your relationships and projects. And we need more women on the frontlines doing that, dammit.

So, perhaps you arrived here because you are feeling disconnected from your body, from others, from your femininity, from your purpose or pleasure….

Perhaps you arrived here because you are a creative or an entrepreneur that feels too stuck to start or too stifled, overwhelmed or disembodied to continue….

Whatever led you here, welcome.

Whatever has kept you where you are currently, thank you.

Whatever wants to be transformed, let’s play.

Check out some of the ways we can work together below.