• Are you ready to learn more about the patterns that keep you stuck and the powerful parts of yourself that create change?
  • Are you ready to reconnect with your body and your innate power?
  • Are you ready to align with your intuition?
  • Are you ready to expand and live abundantly, from the heart?
  • Are you ready to remember and awaken your divine truth?
  • Are you ready to dance with life and live and move from your soul?

Then I am here for you, brave soul. I am here to support you in diving deep and in remembering your divine truths. I am here to help you listen to and honor your soul and celebrate your own body, skin and aliveness. And I'm here to do it with a sense of humor, because this should be fun, right?

Let us bridge the gap between inner-guidance and outer-action. By looking at all the aspects of your life that nourish your body and soul (career, spirituality, relationships, the food on your plate, etc.), you can discover and actualize a life where you live and love freely, joyfully and expansively using the wisdom you were born with. 

We may utilize powerful tools such as writing and journaling, creative expression, somatic inquiry, guided meditations and visualizations, energy work, movement practices, breathwork, and beyond. 

We will decide on a partnership that aligns with your needs and goals. I offer sessions in-person in Boulder, Colorado and globally via video calls and regular email and offline support. 

If this resonates with you, send me a note to discuss partnering. To connect and learn a bit more, schedule a complimentary 35-minute Connection Call.

Is it time for you and your soul to dance?