These intimate healing sessions combine coaching, somatic inquiry and attuning, energy work and a healing ritual. Guided by your specific goals and intentions, we work with the elements and spirit world while also resourcing the physical, emotional and subtle body. We address things such as prominent stuck energy, disembodiment, dissociation, embedded wounds or traumas, soul loss, energetic intrusions, and persistent subconscious thoughts.

This empowering healing experience can involve conversation, drumming or rattling and vocal toning, singing bowls, crystals and oils. Our work may include one or more of the following:

  • energetic clearing and balancing

  • ancestral healing

  • wound work

  • reparenting and supporting your inner-child

  • soul-retrieval

  • extractions

  • psychopomp

  • spirit communication

  • power animal retrieval

  • tapping into the body's divine intelligence

  • Spirit communication

  • somatic resourcing and body wisdom

I believe in incorporating the embodied somatic component to help further ground the session into your being and daily life and to create change by working directly with your nervous system and sensations in tandem with energy fields and guidance. We do this in the name of supporting you to personally reclaim your wholeness, to access your innate knowing and to self-resource when appropriate.

Initial sessions last 2 hours and are conducted remotely via video call and in-person when available. Follow-up integration sessions are 30-minutes in length and are included in your package in order to support lasting effects. The investment is $333 and includes the initial 2-hour session as well as the 30-minute integration.

Sessions for returning clients last 85-minutes and include an email integration follow-up. The investment is $177.

The session with Liz was a beautiful reminder for me to allow others to help me with the healing processes I’m going through. Her gentle, yet consistent approach made me feel safe, comfortable and willing to surrender.

I was grateful that she readily incorporated a combination of the numerous healing arts she specialises in, following intuitively what she felt my heart and soul needed in the moment.

I particularly resonated with the soul recall aspect, and immediately felt much more grounded and in my body.

Thank you so much for your kindness and sharing your powerful light.
— Oluseyi K.