I could tell you a long story of my past, of denying my calling and my true nature. I could wax poetic about leaving behind my high-paying job in marketing and advertising and my lively NYC life, or about the eating disorder coupled with depression and an addiction to stress that dominated my life for years ... but you’re probably more interested in what I stand for and where we could go, together.

I am driven by a profound desire to learn, experience, create and love, and to do it joyfully in this body alongside others. However, somewhere along the way, my own voice got lost and my relationship with my joy and my body became marred. I conformed to notions of what I thought I should look like and how my life should be. I became lost in my own and others' stories. I found myself with all the external trappings of success and yet feeling completely unfulfilled and unhappy. And the fixer in me, along with my curious creator self, had to figure out why, and to pinpoint the secret to fulfillment and happiness so I could have it and share it with the world. No brainer, right?

I had to sign up for this workshop, read that book, go to X healer and Y yoga class, oh, and so-and-so’s podcast and meditation series? Had to listen to that too! I even had to take multiple trainings on healing and spirituality, quit my steady job, press pause on my coaching business, leave my spacious Brooklyn apartment, travel to exotic, spiritual locations and enlist in my own version of a spiritual bootcamp and buy into different dogma and woo touted in the spiritual and personal development industry.

… And then I had to feel that emptiness, confusion and loneliness again. I had to start feeling jaded by and skeptical of the techniques I’d learned and of the mindful communities and cultures of which I was a part. I had to doubt myself and question what I was doing. I had to relapse with my eating disorder, disregard the embodiment and meditation techniques I’d learned and feel like a complete fraud. I had to feel swallowed by depression and out of touch with love. In a sense, I had to feel lost in order to find myself, as the cliché goes. And so it was that after all of the searching for insights through writings, lectures, travels, trainings and the like, there was something and someone I kept discounting: my body and my Self.

The work continues and is really a daily practice, but I know that the realm of embodiment and integration is where it’s at. And that’s what I want to share with you. I want to empower you on your own journey of self-inquiry and communication with your most valuable resource: your divine inner-voice. I want to walk alongside you as you connect with your body and your intuition to live the bold, nourishing life that is yours to claim and to do the work that the world needs you to do. Together, we will move. We will listen. We will allow. Ultimately, we will connect— to the body, the soul and to others. 

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Liz Westendorf is a somatic life coach, embodiment guide, shamanic practitioner and consultant. Balancing wit and light-heartedness with reverence and powerful presence, her passion is empowering visionaries to cultivate full-bodied expression, emotional resilience and creative liberation in their body of work and body of being. She offers a grounded, integrative approach that catalyzes individuals to breakthrough static patterns, shift stuck emotions and mindsets and to engage with their power and pleasure.