“Liz is a human-holder. She excavates a space where you and your whole self can be held, seen, and transformed. I felt billows of ease after our session together: physical ease, emotional clarity, and mental sharpness...after I took a series of naps, of course. Liz has a knack for incorporating her interdisciplinary skills into a rich grounded offering that a wide swath of people can benefit from.”

-Macklen M., Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Artist

“I worked with Liz while training for my first marathon and simultaneously studying for several major finance exams. Liz was an absolute treasure who kept me motivated and on track to realize all my goals. She was always available with a variety of tips for both my mental and physical ailments- including a tonic I still drink every morning! Liz helped me attain all my goals. Overall, she taught me a series of ways to relax and tackle large projects that I continue to use today.”

- Krystyna M., Finance Professional

"The session with Liz was a beautiful reminder for me to allow others to help me with the healing processes I'm going through. Her gentle, yet consistent approach made me feel safe, comfortable and willing to surrender.

I was grateful that she readily incorporated a combination of the numerous healing arts she specialises in, following intuitively what she felt my heart and soul needed in the moment.

I particularly resonated with the soul recall aspect, and immediately felt much more grounded and in my body.

Thank you so much for your kindness and sharing your powerful light."

- Oluseyi K., Artist, Dancer, Healer

"I thoroughly enjoyed Liz's soul shake class in NYC. Liz created such a safe space for us all to drop into being fully present and authentic with exactly where we were at and the freedom of expression to literally shake out what was not serving us any longer. Liz is so free and wild and real in her own expression it naturally just calls that out of you when you step into her presence. Highly recommend these sessions, to all wherever you are at in your soul journey."

- Nadine L., Tantric Embodiment Teacher

“I attended Liz’s Soul Shake class in Brooklyn and it was such a lovely, transformative experience. Liz guided me through an expressive approach to movement and connecting with my body. I moved through so many different emotions during the practice. She took me on a journey of movement and dance as a way to process, celebrate, rebel, wallow, reflect and everything in between. There is no right or wrong way to shake your soul - you just feel it! Afterward I felt so invigorated yet also totally at peace. I highly recommend taking Soul Shake, or any class Liz teaches - she is an amazing and compassionate instructor.”

- RegIna D, poet

“I will always remember my first encounter with Liz. I walked into Shakti Barre in Brooklyn to attend her Soul Shake workshop. She bounced over, bubbling with charisma and a contagious smile as she greeted me. I immediately felt safe and taken care of by her warm, comforting energy. As she led us through the evening, she held the group with a tremendous sense of care, respect, and reverence for the human body and the power it houses. Her carefully curated playlist & empowering guidance was the perfect catalyst for an evening of creative expression and remembrance of that power. I moved through many heavy pains that evening that I didn't even realize I was holding onto. I surrendered to the medicinal movement of the present moment and experienced pure bliss. Liz is a light-beam of radiance and Soul Shake is the path to igniting one's inner flame, the eternal sun. Burning & transmuting the pains that separate us from the truth of Love.”

- Morgan Z., Artist, Yoga Teacher, Conscious Community Guide