For me, dancing is a way to reconnect to something sacred, both within me and beyond me. It's an invitation to explore my mind, body and soul and look at all the parts of myself. And it’s a great way to loosen up those muscles and to tone the physical and emotional body!

With Soul Shake, we get out of our heads and into our bodies, dancing according to our internal rhythms. We tap into the universal language and truths within us all. Drawing from traditions such as yoga, many different styles of conscious dance, moving meditation, breathwork, vocal work and energy work, I have developed this movement practice to invite participants to move consciously and connect with their physical presence, their emotional and mental states and with others.

You can expect to shout, shake, and move about freely with limited choreography and gentle facilitation that gives you the freedom to truly feel and embody anything that comes up during the practice. It is open to all ages, sizes, physicalities and levels of dance experience. All you need is a body and an open mind!